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Elevate Your Aircraft Sales Efforts

Discover PlaneBroker.com, the cutting-edge marketplace tailored for the aviation sales industry, spanning from nimble light sport aircraft to expansive heavy jets. We streamline your sales process by bringing vetted leads directly to you, enabling you to concentrate on sealing the deal.

Why List With PlaneBroker.com

Extensive Reach

Every day, we invest significant time and resources to attract high-quality prospects to your advertisements.

Dedicated Support

Our passion for aviation is only surpassed by our commitment to the aviation community. We’re at your service.

How Plane Broker Works

Customers are thrilled with PlaneBroker.com. Our platform boasts an exclusive selection of listings that you won’t encounter elsewhere, featuring thousands of aircraft. Leveraging advanced web crawler technology, coupled with our dedicated customer service team, we ensure that the aircraft listings on PlaneBroker.com are up-to-date and actively for sale, complete with the most recent pricing.

Join PlaneBroker.com for free and become a member of our community. Membership grants you the ability to place advertisements, sign up for email notifications on aircraft, curate your own collection of favored aircraft, among other features.

Every week, we dispatch a newsletter to our members showcasing the latest aircraft additions from the past seven days.

We safeguard our aircraft sellers from unwanted spam by meticulously filtering messages. Furthermore, every inquiry is labeled to indicate whether the interested party is a pilot, an owner, or a broker, for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listings on PlaneBroker.com are complimentary and will remain so indefinitely. The expense associated with running a classified website has significantly declined in recent years. Thanks to our extensive experience in software development, we’ve crafted and maintained PlaneBroker.com much more economically than our rivals. These cost efficiencies are directly transferred to you as savings.

We allocate a substantial marketing budget to implement online strategies that are both quantifiable and economical. Our approach includes leveraging platforms like Google and Facebook, among others, to funnel potential buyers to your listings. PlaneBroker.com is rapidly expanding its member base, who actively engage with our search functionalities, email notifications, and various other tools to discover aircraft that match their purchase interests. Our weekly newsletter reaches out to an extensive audience of tens of thousands of members. Moreover, we are continually engaged in software development to innovate new services and features, ensuring the growth of the PlaneBroker.com community accelerates at an impressive pace.

Sellers have reported successful deals from a range of aircraft, from Cessna 172s to Gulfstreams, thanks to leads generated through our platform. Typically, aircraft priced below $500,000 tend to attract more email inquiries, while those priced above $500,000 usually see a higher volume of phone queries. As we continue to enhance Hangar67 with new features, expand our listings, and welcome new members, we anticipate a shift in the way buyers and sellers interact on our platform.

Our platform provides a lead generation service tailored for aviation financiers, and we earn a commission upon the completion of a loan, which is charged to the lending entity, not the borrower. Additionally, we feature advanced advertising options such as banner promotions, targeted email campaigns, and bespoke marketing strategies designed for the aviation sector. We also specialize in creating websites for aircraft brokers and dealers. While we are developing further premium offerings, rest assured that aircraft listings on our site will remain free of charge.

Our dedicated customer service team is available full-time to assist you with your ad postings. We recommend that you begin by posting your ad to the best of your ability. Afterward, reach out to us for further assistance, and we’ll guide you through the process. Alternatively, if you prefer to speak with us before posting, we welcome you to call us at your convenience.

You’re free to upload as many PDF documents as you like to your listing at no cost. Providing maintenance logs upfront for buyers streamlines the purchasing journey, eliminating an extra step for you. There’s no fee for document uploads.

Indeed, you have the option to include your contact number in your advertisement, allowing interested parties to reach out to you directly. Although numerous buyers prefer to contact our sellers through messages, we keep your email address confidential to protect you from unsolicited spam.

Prospective buyers on Planebroker have the convenience of setting up email notifications based on their specific searches. For instance, a buyer interested in a Cessna Mustang can establish an alert for this model and opt for daily or weekly updates. They will receive emails about new or price-adjusted listings that align with their criteria. For sellers, this means that as soon as your advertisement is live, it begins to attract attention through these targeted alerts.

Additionally, we boost visibility for your aircraft by featuring it in our weekly email roundup. This email, dispatched every Saturday morning, highlights all the new postings from the past week on the Planebroker site. This effective email marketing tool is another benefit you enjoy at no extra charge when you list with Planebroker.

To get updates on new aircraft listings via email alerts, we require an email address to which we can send these updates. We encourage visitors to sign up as Planebroker members, which grants them the privilege to set up numerous email alerts tailored to their interests. For example, a member could set up alerts for “Cessna with G750” or “Cessna 421C post-1980.” Essentially, any search conducted on Planebroker can be transformed into a customized email alert.

Additionally, we boost visibility for your aircraft by featuring it in our weekly email roundup. This email, dispatched every Saturday morning, highlights all the new postings from the past week on the Planebroker site. This effective email marketing tool is another benefit you enjoy at no extra charge when you list with Planebroker.

Yes, all listings on the Planebroker are required to have a list price. We will delete all listings that do not have one! 

We are strictly a marketing and software firm and maintain no exclusive partnerships with any aircraft brokers or dealers. Our commitment is to fairness and impartiality, ensuring that we stay a free and independent classified platform accessible to all aircraft brokers, dealers, and individual owners. While we don’t collaborate with specific entities, we do provide advertising options for brokers and dealers looking to enhance their visibility on Planebroker. Discover more about our advertising offerings here.

Every week, our editor picks out prominent listings to feature in our weekly newsletter. Get in touch with us to nominate your aircraft for a spotlight. We appreciate sellers who actively engage with our platform, and we strive to give your listing an extra push in our newsletter circulation.

You can find all the necessary details to reach us via phone, email, or even a fly-in visit on our contact page. It’s your go-to resource for all methods of communication with us.

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